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Air quality is Good to Moderate

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Current Air Quality: Discussion

August 22, 2016 

Air Quality is currently Good to Moderate in the Missoula Valley and should remain Good to Moderate for the immediate future. There is a significant number of new wildfires in the region, and we're seeing haze filter into our valley from fires in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  The nearest fires that are likely to impact Missoula County are burning in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness in Idaho, and include the Moose and Cedar fires.  The Moose Fire in particular saw strong growth over the past 24 hours, and is sending smoke straight toward the Bitterroot Valley.  The strong west winds in today's forecast should keep most of the smoke from those fires south of Missoula County.  However, the winds may also deliver smoke from the many new fire starts to our west.

If the overhead smoke mixes down to the valley and impacts air quality, this page will be updated.  For the moment, the air looks and smells worse than it is.

Visit Montana's Today's Air website ( for the most current particulate concentrations throughout the state.


This morning's fire detection map shows a significant number of wildfires in our region.

082216_am fire activity

Image source: NOAA

Sunday evening's visible satellite picked up some impressive plumes from fires burning in the region.

082116_pm bw labeled

 Image source: NOAA


This web page is not updated on weekends or holidays unless air quality becomes Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups or worse. Call the air quality hotline at 258-3600 on weekends to get the most current air quality update.

If you operate a woodstove, fireplace or other solid-fuel burning device, you will want to get in the habit of checking this web page or the Air Quality hotline (258-3600) for up-to-date changes in Missoula's air quality. Woodstoves, fireplaces and other solid-fuel burning devices are restricted during alerts and warnings.


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