Current Air Quality and Restrictions:


Air quality is Good to Moderate

Woodstove Restrictions: No restrictions at this time.


Air Quality: Discussion

Air quality is currently Good to Moderate in Missoula and should remain Good to Moderate for the near future.  If conditions become Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups or worse, this page will be update.

Visit Montana's Today's Air website ( for the most current particulate concentrations throughout the state.

This web page is not updated on weekends or holidays unless air quality becomes Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups or worse. Call the air quality hotline at 258-3600 on weekends to get the most current air quality update.

If you operate a woodstove, fireplace or other solid-fuel burning device, you will want to get in the habit of checking this web page or the Air Quality hotline (258-3600) for up-to-date changes in Missoula's air quality. Woodstoves, fireplaces and other solid-fuel burning devices are restricted during alerts and warnings.


Air Pollution Alerts and Warnings

Missoula Air Stagnation Zone - Stage I Alert Stove Restrictions

Impact Zone M - Stage II Warning Stove Restrictions

Montana PM2.5 Today's Air Monitoring Network

Wildfire Air Quality Health Categories

Woodstove Operation Tips for Clean Burning