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Tom Green Park Advisory Group

Special meeting

A couple items warrant an early winter meeting from our standpoint: 1) vegetation management and, 2) the leaner pine

1) The group expressed interest in pursuing the use of herbicides in the park to combat noxious weeds during their fall meeting. As discussed at that meeting, this will take some planning and outreach during the winter/spring to complete in time to spray in 2018. Staff would like to show the group what data we currently have, and discuss what additional data is needed (if any) in order to make a decision, and a proposed outreach plan to vet the proposal with the community.

2) There’s a mature Ponderosa with a steep lean in a precarious location, directly over the main stream access just south of the junction of the spur and main trails. Staff procured one assessment from a well-regarded forester who recommends removal. Staff is in the process of soliciting estimates for removal and would like to have the Advisory Group evaluate the proposals.

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