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Take precautions to prevent fast-melting snow from damaging your home

With temperatures set to rise next week, this weekend is a good time to prepare your property

Post Date:03/15/2019

Snow meltWith temperatures expected to climb into the mid-50s next week, the heavy snow that blanketed Missoula County throughout February will likely start to melt, and melt fast. You may not live in a floodplain, but your home could still be susceptible to flooding caused by rapid snow melt. And even if your home doesn’t flood, snow melt can lead to other problems, such as water damage and mold.

With spring weather right around the corner, this weekend is a great time to prepare your property. The Missoula County Office of Emergency Management has compiled a few tips on the Missoula County Blog to help homeowners prevent problems caused by rapid snow melt. 

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