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Haz Waste Days 2020

October 16th - 18th

Post Date:09/10/2020 2:37 PM

Missoula County residents looking to safely dispose of hazardous substances can do so during Household Haz Waste Days from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Friday through Sunday, Oct. 16-18. The event will be held outdoors and by appointment only

To limit time, exposure, and the number of interactions with the public, the event will be held outdoors and limited to 12 hours over three days, with a 720-person registration limit. There will not be more than 260 people in attendance each day, including staff and volunteers. If a volunteer or member of the public is diagnosed with COVID-19, the mandatory registration and check-in will allow public health officials to conduct a document-supported contact tracing effort. No money will be exchanged during the event to limit contact with shared surfaces. Contractors will be expected to follow all event safety precautions and adhere to any applicable state or local orders regarding face coverings, distancing, etc. 

Other new conditions for 2020: 

  • Registration and pre-payment required for this event ($10)  

  • No refunds will be given 

  • Open to Missoula County residents only  

  • 25-gallon limit per vehicle  

The following items, in retail size containers (no barrels), are acceptable for Missoula County residents to drop off: 

  • Products marked as "flammable" or "combustible" 

  • Oil-based paints and stains (read labels before bringing paint to event)  

  • Solvents 

  • Paint thinner 

  • Engine oil (new or used) 

  • Gasoline, diesel, kerosene 

  • Antifreeze 

  • Pesticides and herbicides 

  • Acids 

  • Caustics 

  • Mercury thermometers 

  • Fluorescent tube light bulbs; no compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) 

  • Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) ballasts 

The registration fee cannot be refunded if unacceptable waste is brought in. Items not accepted include:   

  • Latex-based paints, which is not considered hazardous. Once it’s dried out, residents can remove the lid and throw it away.  

  • Empty containers and aerosol cans. If empty, please throw away or recycle.  

  • Household cleaners, window cleaner, soaps, floor waxes, detergents, etc.  

  • Glues, epoxy, adhesives  

  • Batteries  

  • Asbestos  

  • Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)  

  • Consumer electronics  

  • Radioactive waste   

  • Ammunition, gun powder or other explosives  

  • Propane canisters 

Please review our complete list detailing year-round disposal options for many hazardous materials is available at.   

Although Haz Waste Days provides a way to safely and responsibly dispose of household hazardous waste, there is no perfect way to dispose of it. The manufacture and disposal of hazardous waste impacts the environment and public health, and the best way to reduce its impact is to create less of the product. People can reduce household hazardous waste by following these tips:  

  • Buy only what you need and use it up. Disposing of toxic products often costs more than buying them in the first place; stocking up on hazardous products is not a good idea.  

  • Give your usable leftovers to someone who can use them safely.  

  • Always use the least-toxic product available. Whenever possible, use latex or water-based paints and stains, which are less toxic than oil-based products. Missoula County Weed and Extension has information on less toxic alternatives for lawns and gardens. Call the Plant Clinic at 406-258-4213 or visit for more information.  

Local health and fire agencies also urge people to clear out unneeded flammable liquids, such as oil-based paints, paint thinners, fuels, waste oil and solvents. These flammable products can be easily ignited and quickly accelerate a fire. They also pose a threat to the health of firefighters and neighbors when they are burned.   

For more information on hazardous waste disposal, visit or call 406-258-4890. 

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