Animal Control Board

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Appointments are made by County Commissioners and City Council.

Authorization: 6.08.030 Missoula Municipal Code, Interlocal Agreement #113 between the City of Missoula and Missoula County, 7-23-103 MCA.

Membership: Maximum number of members: 5; limit of three consecutive terms:

  • Two members appointed by the City Council
  • Two members appointed by the County Commissioners
  • One licensed veterinarian (selected by the other appointees)

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County Appointments:  2
(2 Year Terms)

Term Ending Date:

 Shoni Card, DVM


Ongoing appointment

 Autumn Everland  County-appointed member  12/31/17
W. Lynn Gontarek-Garberson County-appointed member 12/31/16 

For City Appointees and/or further info, go to: