County Compensation Committee

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Authorization: HB 345 (establishes a county compensation board in each county).

Membership: Maximum number of members: 9

  • 3 County Commissioners
  • County Attorney
  • 2 Citizen Members (appointed by County Commissioners)
  • 3 Elected Officials (appointed by County Commissioners)

If you have any questions or you are unable to located a particular board or commission, please contact us.

(3 Year Terms)

Term Ending Date:

Barbara Berens County Auditor N/A 
Lynda Brown  Citizen Member  7/24/18 
Jack Chambers  Citizen Member  7/24/17 
Jean Curtiss  County Commissioner  N/A 
Shirley Faust  Clerk of Court  N/A 
Kirsten Pabst County Attorney N/A 
Nicole Rowley County Commissioner N/A 
Stacy Rye County Commissioner N/A 
Contact Information:  Missoula County Human Resources: (406) 258-4874