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Election Advisory Committee

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Authorization: 7-1-201 MCA states: "A BCC may by resolution establish the administrative committees, districts, or commissions allowed by law or required by law to be established pursuant to 7-1-202, 7-1-203, Title 7, Chapter 11, Part 10 & this section & listed in 7-1-202"

Membership: Eight

  • Four citizen members appointed by County Commissioners (including one alternate)
  • One County Commissioner
  • One County employee
  • One (D) central committee member (plus one alternate)
  • One (R) central committee member (plus one alternate)


If you have any questions or you are unable to locate a particular board or commission, please contact us.

Members:  Eight

[Seven voting and one alternate]

Term Ending Date:

Larry Dunham  County appointed member 1/31/18 
Denver Henderson County appointed member 1/31/18
Shibu Arens  County appointed [alternate] member  1/31/19
Geoff Badenoch   County appointed member 1/31/19 
Travis Hoffman County appointed [ADA] member 1/31/19
Carol Bellin  County Employee 1/31/20 
Dustin Monroe  Central Committee (D)   1/31/20
Suzy Tarpey Central Committee (D) [alternate]  1/31/20
Tom Wing  Central Committee (R)  1/31/20
Jill Chapman  Central Committee (R)  [alternate]  1/31/20
David Strohmaier County Commissioner N/A
Contact Information:   County Elections Office (406) 258-4751