Fairgrounds Advisory Committee


(All appointments are made by County Commissioners)

Authorization:  7-1-202 MCA

Membership:  Maximum number of members - 11:  (9 voting members appointed by BCC/1 BCC rep/1 County Extension rep).  Up to two non-voting alternates at discretion of BCC.

If you have any questions or you are unable to located a particular board or commission, please contact us.

Members:  11 & 2 alts & 2 ex officio

(3-year terms)

Term Ending Date:

Commissioner Nicole Rowley  Serves at pleasure of the County Commissioners  n/a
Ryan Bagnell Member 9/30/16
Chris Behan  Member  9/30/18 
Jason DeCunzo  Member  9/30/17 
Susan Estep  Member 9/30/18
Bonnie Rae Buckingham Alternate  9/30/17
Donna Hubbert  Member  9/30/18 
Matt Loomis  Member 9/30/18 
Gerald Marks, representing County Extension Office  Chair  n/a 
Russ McKinnon  Member  9/30/17 
Jim Sadler  Member  9/30/17 
Jon Wilkins  Member  9/30/17 
Jessica Folmar Alternate 9/30/17 
Contact Information:   Office of County Fairgrounds: (406) 258-3247 or Office of County Commissioners: (406) 258-4877