Local Emergency Planning Committee

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About the Local Emergency Planning Committee [LEPC] 

The LEPC formed in 1986 to meet the duties required pursuant to Public Law 99-499, Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA), Title III, and related regulations.

The purpose of the LEPC is to:

  • Develop, train and test a hazardous substance emergency response plan.
  • Develop procedures for regulated facilities to provide notification to the LEPC in accordance with Title III, SARA.
  • Develop procedures for receiving and processing requests from the public under the Community Right-To-Know provisions of Title III, SARA.
  • Provide for public notification of Committee activities.
  • Implement such other activities as may be legally required by the Federal Government, the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), the Board of County Commissioners and/or the City Council.


The Committee meets quarterly on the second Tuesday of Jan., April, July and Oct. at 1:30 p.m.
Meeting Location:
Missoula County Courthouse
200 West Broadway, Annex 151
Missoula, Montana 59802
For more meeting information please contact:
Office of Emergency Management 

Committee Membership: 

The LEPC consists of members nominated by the LEPC, as well as, two members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and two members appointed by the Missoula City Council. These members represent the various professional and community groups designated in Title III, SARA. There are twenty members total. 



Term End Date:

David Strohmaier  Commissioner-Elected Official  
Heidi West  Misoula City Council-Elected Official  
Mike Brady  Missoula City Police Department  
TJ McDermott  Missoula County Sheriff's Office  
Jason Diehl  Missoula City Fire Department  
Bill Colwell  Missoula Rural Fire Department   
Peter Nielsen  Missoula City-County Health Department  
Joe Calnan  Missoula County Fire Protection Association  
Adriane Beck  Missoula County Office of Emergency Management [OEM]  
Tony Basino  Hazmat Transportation/Distribution Representative  
Don Whalen   Emergency Medical Services Representative  
Peter Christian  Local Media Representative  
Mike Gregor  Regulated Title III Facility Representative  
Dudley Improta   Appointed by the City Council  
Mike Kopitzke   Appointed by the City Council  
Colleen Baldwin  Appointed by the County Commissioners; two year term  12/31/18
William Van Horn  Appointed by the County Commissioners; two year term  12/31/18
RJ Nelson   St. Patrick Hospital  
Michael Onusko   Community Medical Center  
Kathy Krebsbach   University of Montana  
Contact Information:   Missoula County Office of Emergency Services or (406) 258-3631

If you have any questions or you are unable to locate a particular board or commission, please contact us.