About the Missoula Consolidated Planning Board

Board Composition

The Missoula Consolidated Planning Board is comprised of nine members.

- Two City residents appointed by the Mayor.  
- Two City residents appointed by City Council.                                    
- One City alternate appointed by City Council.
- Two County members who live outside city limits, appointed by the Commissioners.  
- Two members living anywhere within the County.
- One alternate from outside City limits, appointed by the Commissioners. 
- One member appointed by the Conservation District Board (or BCC & Council).

Each member serves a two-year term. Per Missoula County Commissioners' Resolution: 7-11-1 , council members are limited to serving three terms of two years each. Partial terms do not count against the term limits.


Missoula Consolidated Planning Board bylaws are available here

Contact Information  

If you would like to contact the Missoula Consolidated Planning Board, please email caps@missoulacounty.us

Board Membership


Term Expiration Date

John Newman- Chair (City) December 31, 2018
Helen Jenkins-Vice Chair (City) December 31, 2017
Dudley Improta (City) December 31, 2017
Neva Hassanein (City) December 31, 2017
Michael Houlihan (County) December 31, 2017
Dick Ainsworth (County) December 31, 2017
Jason Rice (County) December 31, 2017 
Josh Slotnick (County) December 31, 2017 
Jamie Hoffmann (Board) December 31, 2018 
Andy Mefford (County Alt) December 31, 2017
Vince Caristo (City Alt) December 31, 2017