Missoula Development Authority

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All appointments are made by County Commissioners.

Authorization: Resolution 97-032

Membership: Maximum number of members: 7

If you have any questions or you are unable to located a particular board or commission, please contact us.

Members:  7
(3-year terms)

Term Ending Date:

Commissioners Nicole Rowley

and Stacy Rye

Serve at pleasure 
of the County 
Chuck Keegan (Chair) 6/30/17 
Neal Leathers Member 6/30/16
Dan Neuman  Member 6/30/18  
Mike Size Member  6/30/17 
Kyle Graybeal Member 6/30/16
Jim Valeo  Member  6/30/17 
Michael Heisey Represents Bonner Mill TIF Industrial District Board 6/30/17
Shawn Horton  Represents DirecTV  6/30/16 
Contact Information:  Office of County Commissioners:  (406) 258-4877