Open Lands Citizen Advisory Committee

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About the Open Lands Citizen Advisory Committee 

The Missoula County Open Lands Citizen Advisory Committee [OLC] advises the Board of County Commissioners and represents the citizens of Missoula County in the protection and preservation of open space and the rural way of life for present and future generations.


Open Lands  Citizen Advisory Committee bylaws

Authorization: Created in accordance with the Open Space Land and Voluntary Easement Act, Section 76-6-101 Montana Code Annotated by Resolution 2006-093.


Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. in the Community and Planning Services conference room. 

Community and Planning Services
127 E. Main Street Suite 2
Missoula, MT 59802
(406) 258-4657

OLC Agendas & Minutes

Handouts and Presentations 

Board Membership 

The board is comprised of 13 voting members; up to four non-voting alternates; and technical advisors (non-voting & non members) when needed. At least eight will reside in rural areas (representing all eight planning regions outside urban Missoula). At least five shall be representatives of farming/ranching/timber interests. All appointments are made by the County Commissioners. 




Term End Date:

Deke Tidwell  Member  12/31/20
Andy Hayes  Member  12/31/20
Sharon Sweeney  Member  12/31/20
Jonathan Bowler   Member  12/31/20
Bonnie Buckingham  Member  12/31/21
Ron Schlader   Member  12/31/21
Alicia Vanderheiden  Member  12/31/21
Shellie Nelson   Member  12/31/21
Heather Wills    Member  12/31/22 
Jim Cusker   Member   12/31/22 
Max Bauer   Member  12/31/22 
Bryce Andrews   Member   12/31/22
Mark Vander Meer  Member   12/31/22 
Mark LoParco  Alternate non-voting member  12/31/21
Pat O'Herren  Alternate non-voting member  12/31/22

Contact Information:   Community and Planning Services: (406) 258-4657

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