Open Lands Citizen Advisory Committee

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All appointments are made by County Commissioners.

Authorization: Created in accordance with the Open Space Land and Voluntary Easement Act, Section 76-6-101 MCA by Resolution No. 2006-093.

Membership:  13 voting members; up to 4 non-voting alternates; and technical advisors (non-voting & non members) when needed. At least 8 will reside in rural areas (representing all 8 planning regions outside urban Missoula).  At least 5 shall be representatives of farming/ranching/timber interests.

If you have any questions or you are unable to located a particular board or commission, please contact us.

 OLC Agendas & Minutes

Members:  17 max.
(3-year terms)

Term Ending Date:

Jock Conyngham  Member  12/31/17 
Anne Dahl  Member    12/31/16 
Vacant Member     12/31/17 
Donna Erickson  Advisor  N/A 
Andy Hayes  Member  12/31/17 
Addrien Marx  Member  12/31/16 
Caryn Miske  Member  12/31/18 
Ron Schlader Member  12/31/18
Stephen Siebert Member 12/31/18
Sharon Sweeney  Member  12/31/17 
Marcia Valeo  Member  12/31/16 
Alicia Vanderheiden  Member  12/31/18 
Juanita Vero  (Chair)  12/31/17 
Heather Wills  (Vice Chair)  12/31/16 
Contact Information:  Open Lands Committee