Planning & Zoning Commission

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About the Planning and Zoning Commission

The 2001 Legislature made changes to the membership of the County's Planning and Zoning Commission by adding two citizen members. For more details of the organization and operation of the commission visit 76-2-102 Montana Code Annotated [MCA]


Meetings are not held on a regular basis; called upon when necessary to decide on matters concerning Citizen-Initiated Zoning Districts. 

Board Membership



Term End Date:

VACANT APPLY ONLINE  Citizen Member  12/31/19
Dick Ainsworth - ZD #8/8A  Citizen Member  12/31/20
Commissioner Josh Slotnick   Commissioner  Serves while in office
Commissioner Dave Strohmaier    Commissioner  Serves while in office
Commissioner Juanita Vero  Commissioner  Serves while in office
Clerk and Recorder Tyler Gernant   Clerk and Recorder  Serves while in office
Public Works Director Shane Stack  County Official  Serves while employed by Missoula County
Contact Information:    Community and Planning Services (406) 258-4657

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