About the East Missoula Community Council

Board Composition

Members of the East Missoula Community Council are elected to advance and promote the interests and welfare of the citizens of the East Missoula community by providing useful, beneficial, and helpful information that can affect the decision making process to the Missoula County Commissioners. The East Missoula Community Council is comprised of five members who are registered voters within the boundaries of the East Missoula Sewer/Water District. Each council member serves a three-year term. Per Missoula County Commissioners' Resolution 2008-155, council members are limited to serving three terms of three years each. Partial terms do not count against the term limits.

Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7:00 p.m. East Missoula Fire Hall


East Missoula Community Council bylaws

Community Vision Statement

View the East Missoula Community Vision Statement. 

Contact Information  

If you would like to contact the East Missoula Community Council, please visit the Commissioners' Office

Board Membership


Term Expiration Date

Douglas Combs  May 31, 2020
Ryan Alter, Treasurer  May 31, 2021
Lisa Thomas, Secretary  May 31, 2021
Lee Bridges, Chair   May 31, 2022 
Jack Ballas  May 31, 2022

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