Aging Services Governing Board


All appointments are made by County Commissioners.

Authorization: Area XI Area Agency on Aging as determined by the County Commissioners in accordance with Sec. 305(c)(3) of the OAA of 1965, as amended.

Membership: Maximum number of members: 13

  • One County Commissioner member
  • 11-13 regular members appointed by County Commissioners

If you have any questions or you are unable to located a particular board or commission, please contact us.

Members: 11-13
(3-year terms)

Notes:  Meetings held 5 times a year @ Missoula Aging Services (11:45 am to 1:30 pm).  For meeting dates, please call 406-728-7682.

Term Ending Date:

Commissioner Nicole Rowley  Serves at pleasure of the County Commissioners 12/31/15 
Vacant Member 6/30/16
Keith Anderson Member 6/30/18 
Barb Blanchard  (Secretary)  6/30/16 
Maureen Fleming, PhD  Member  6/30/17 
Leslie Halligan Member  6/30/17 
Renee Hofeldt  Member  6/30/16 
Karl Jones  (Vice Chair)  6/30/18 
Margaret McManus  (Chair)  6/30/17 
Larry Riley  Member  6/30/18 
[Burke Townsend]  Member:  Resigned 1/8/2016 6/30/16 
Jonathan Weisul, M.D.  (Treasurer)  6/30/17 
Lawrence White  Member  6/30/18 
Jon Wilkins - LIAISON  Missoula City Council Ward 4  N/A 
Contact Information:  Missoula Aging Services: (406) 728-7682 or