Airport Authority Board

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About Missoula County Airport Authority

The Missoula County Airport Authority functions for the benefit of the public and for public and governmental purposes and as a matter of public necessity. The purpose of the Authority is the planning, acquisition, establishment, development, construction, improvement, maintenance, equipment, operation, regulation, and protection of the Missoula International Airport and air navigation facilities, including the elimination of airport hazards. 


Missoula County Airport Authority bylaws

Authorization: By Resolution No. 80-183, the Board of County Commissioners created  a Municipal Airport Authority for Missoula County under the authority granted by Section 67-11-102, Montana Code Annotated [MCA].

Meetings - Agendas

Meetings are held in the Airport Conference Room, on the last Tuesday of every month at 1:30 p.m.

Missoula International Airport
5225 Highway 10 West

Board Membership

Maximum number of members: seven plus two alternates; limit of two consecutive five-year terms. 

  • Five citizen members
  • Two Missoula County employees
  • Two alternates-non-voting members
  • All appointments are made by County Commissioners



Term End Date:

 Shane Stack   Member  12/31/20 
 Matt Doucette   Vice Chair  12/31/21
 Debora Poteet   Member  12/31/22
 Jeff Roth  Chair  12/31/23
 Larry Anderson   Member   12/31/24 
 Winton Kemmis  First Alternate  12/31/20
 Patrick Boyle  Second Alternate  12/31/20
 Adriane Beck  Secretary/Treasurer -Missoula County Employee  12/31/20
 Dori Brownlow   Missoula County Employee  12/31/21
 Cris Jensen   Missoula International Airport Staff  N/A
 Contact Information: (406) 728-4381 or 

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