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Lolo Mosquito Control District Board

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Manage and control mosquito pests while providing for the protection of humans, livestock, pets, songbirds, game birds, game animals, and the environment in general.

All appointments are made by County Commissioners.

Authorization: 7-22-2401 MCA

Membership: Maximum number of members: Five

If you have any questions or you are unable to locate a particular board or commission, please contact us.

Members:  Five
[Three-year terms]

Term Ending Date:

John Fuchs Member  12/31/17
Fred Bremer Member  12/31/18
 JoAnne Stewart Member  12/31/18
Jean Belangie-Nye Member  12/31/19
Brock Flynn Member  12/31/19
Gerald Marks Represents Missoula 
County Weed Control 
Contact Information:  (406) 258-4200 or