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Tax Appeal Board

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About the Tax Appeal Board 

The board of county commissioners of each county appoints a county tax appeal board. The board meets to hear taxpayers' appeals from property tax assessments and attend meetings called by the state tax appeal board. The county tax appeal board is in session from July 1 of the current tax year until December 31 of the current tax year to hear protests concerning assessments made by the department until the business of hearing protests is disposed of and, as provided in 15-2-201, may meet after December 31. 

Authorization: The Missoula County Tax Appeal Board is authorized by 15-15-101(1) Montana Code Annotated.


Frequency of meetings is determined by caseload (October through December) to hear appeals from County residents concerning property values and property taxes.

Board Membership

Five members serving three-year terms.  All appointments are made by the County Commissioners. 



Term End Date:

Mae Hassman  Member 12/31/17
Dale Jackson  Member 12/31/17
David Jackson  Member 12/31/17
Jim Fairbanks  Member 12/31/18
Michael Nave  Member  12/31/19
Cyndie Aplin  Staff  N/A
Contact Information:   County Commissioners' Office
 199 West Pine
 Missoula, MT 59802
 (406) 258-4877

If you have any questions or you are unable to locate a particular board or commission, please contact us.