With an active wildfire season upon us, you can protect your family by signing up to receive Smart911 Emergency Alerts and create your family’s Safety Profile.

Please note that the Health Department does not perform any on-site clean up. Sanitarians work with land owners, business owners, and involved parties to resolve issues.  

Please choose a category that best fits the issue you are reporting:

Other Resources

  • Check out our FAQs.
  • Road Kill:
    • If it is causing a safety hazard, call 9-1-1
    • Contact Republic Services to see if you are on a route where they can pick it up
    • If it is inside city limits, not on private property, and Republic Services can't pick it up, call City Streets 
    • If it is on private property, it is the property owner's responsibility
  • Weed Complaints:
    • Reports about high weeds can be made to City Development Services
  • More information on Solid Waste and Community Decay in Missoula County