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Partnership Health Center ensures that accessible, comprehensive primary health care is provided to the medically underserved population in our region, through a partnership of community resources. 

This mission is fulfilled through the provision of a full range of primary care services including check-ups, care for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, care for injuries, immunizations, on-site pharmacy services, mental health services, women's health care, prevention and wellness educations, nutritional counseling, dental services and referrals to specialists in the community through medical case management. Partnership Health Center also coordinates programs specifically for people who are homeless and people who are living with HIV.


Community Need

Given the high cost of medical and dental services, treatment is often prohibitively expensive for those without health care coverage. The state of Montana ranks forty-fourth in the nation for percentage of population covered by health insurance. Nineteen percent of the state's total population is uninsured, the percentage rises to 22 percent for Missoula, and an alarming 27 percent for rural communities. Furthermore, an additional 9.4 percent are at high risk for being uninsured, meaning that their insurance is intermittent. 

People without health insurance either go to emergency rooms for treatment, or self-diagnose without seeing a doctor, sometimes forgoing medical attention for up to ten years. This approach to health care inevitably leads to conditions becoming unnecessarily acute due to lack of early medical, dental, or psychiatric intervention.


Who Are the Uninsured?

A profile of Montana's 171,000 uninsured residents showed that 86 percent are white, 92 percent have a high school education, more than 70 percent are above the poverty level, and 77 percent are employed. That means that many uninsured Montanans are from households with higher education, and middle income levels, who are employed.


Health Insurance Profile of Partnership Health Center Patients

 Health Insurance Graph