Refund Requests

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The Missoula County Board of County Commissioners has the authority to authorize refunds or to waive certain taxes, penalty and interest, fees and costs that have been paid to the Missoula County Treasurer's Office under limited circumstances. The purpose of this policy statement is to explain the Commissioner's authority to issue refunds or authorize waivers. The citations to laws are current as of the date this policy was passed by the Board of County Commissioners.


Please review the following guidelines to determine if your situation allows you to apply for a refund or waiver from Missoula County. If you are requesting a refund for motor vehicle payments made in our office via mail or in person, complete the form located online or you may obtain a copy in the Treasurer's Office. If you are requesting a refund for a motor vehicle payment made online, please use the State of Montana's refund request form and submit to the Helena address listed at the top of the form. Please include all necessary information and write legibly, or type, your request so that it can be promptly reviewed.


You will be charged a processing fee to use credit or debit cards. The fee is 1.995 percent of the total bill plus $1.25. If you are paying online you may use an electronic check, which will incur a fee of $1. Please note: if you pay with a credit or debit card, the processing fee will not be refunded for any reason. This is an expense incurred by Missoula County.


Expiration Date. All registrations for motor vehicles subject to anniversary date registrations expire on the last day of the month preceding the anniversary registration period. MCA 61-3-311 and ARM 23.3.701. For instance, if your tab indicates your registration period is June, your registration actually expires on May 31. You are given a 30 day grace period to complete the renewal. If you register your vehicle prior to the end of the renewal period you must register for the current year.

Refunds. Under limited circumstances Missoula County will authorize a refund of fees and taxes paid. Refunds will only be considered if your renewal was made on or before the end of your renewal period.

Examples of requests that may be approved:

  • Motor vehicle was renewed in error after it had been sold or totaled. The sale or accident must have occurred on or before the registration expiration. Also, you must provide proof of sale or proof of insurance that the vehicle was totaled and the original tab and registration. You must submit your request within 30 days after the date it was renewed.

Examples of requests that will not be approved:

  • Motor vehicle was sold or totaled in a wreck after the registration was renewed.
  • You intend to skip registration for a year but register prior to the end of the renewal period.
  • Motor vehicle falls under the Montana lemon law statute, MCA 61-4-503.

Tax Exemptions. Montana law provides that certain owners of motor vehicles are exempt from taxes. Please note, if you qualify for any of the following exemptions you must bring the required proof with you at the time you register your vehicle or renew your registration. Also, you must bring proof of exemption every time you register or renew your vehicle. Must have exemption at time of renewal. Refunds will not be approved.

  • Military. Montana residents on active duty stationed outside Montana are exempt. MCA 61-3-456. Affidavit form (MV53) available from the Montana Department of Justice.
  • Non-profit. Need proof that organization is exempt. Contact Department of Revenue for process.
  • Tribal. Letter from Tribal Office indicating owner is on tribal roll and lives on reservation.


Montana law requires that if a mobile home is to be moved all taxes, interest, and penalties must be paid in full. You must obtain a tax-paid sticker from the County Treasurer's Office. See MCA 15-24-202 for the requirements and exceptions. The County Commissioners will not waive payment of taxes to move a mobile home.


Montana Department of Justice
Vehicle Services Bureau
PO Box 201431
320 N. Roberts
Helena, MT 56920-1431