Tax and Fee Schedules

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For more information on registration fees and requirements, please visit the State of Montana Motor Vehicle Website.

Tax Schedule for Passenger Vehicles

The taxable value for passenger cars, pickup trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles previously registered in Montana is based on the manufacturers’ suggested retail price, depreciated according to a set schedule as the vehicle ages. The County Option Tax is calculated at one half percent of the taxable value of the vehicle.

Permanent Registrations

  • Required to register permanently: Trailers (including travel trailers), boats, snowmobiles, off highway vehicles, motorcycles, quadricycles.
  • Allowed to register permanently if 11 years old or older: Light vehicles, motorhomes, and collector vehicles with qualifying collector plate.
  • Not allowed to register permanently: Large trucks, light vehicles and motorhomes 10 years old and newer, vehicles with restricted license plates or exemptions.
  • Transfer of ownership: Permanent registrations do not stay with the vehicle. Registration ends whenever there is a change in ownership. In addition to titling fees, new owner(s) must register anew, paying all required taxes and fees. Unless required by vehicle type (TL, SN, OHV, BT, MC), a new owner has the option to register the vehicle on an annual or permanent basis if applicable.
  • Late renewals: If an owner wishes to register a qualified vehicle permanently and if the vehicle was not 11 years old in its original renewal period, the vehicle may not be permanently registered until vehicle registration is brought current. Then a second registration may be processed for permanent registration.
  • Permanent registration requests beyond typical renewal period: If a customer has already received an annual registration and requests to permanently register before the vehicle's next grace period, the customer may register permanently, but no credit is given for the fees already paid.