The Recording Division of the Clerk & Treasurer's Office is the official record keeper for Missoula County. Our office maintains the publicly available records for Missoula County. Due to space limitations, our office maintains only electronic copies of publicly available records. Any such records that have not been converted to electronic documents are maintained and stored at the Missoula County Records Center. To search historical records, please contact our office and we can assist you in determining the appropriate personnel to fulfill your request.


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Considering dividing or merging real property?

Tax assessments will be available online the morning of Tuesday, October 15th. Per MCA 70-21-213, all 2019 taxes will require full payment prior to the recording of a division or merger.

Any divisions or mergers submitted to the Clerk & Recorder's Office prior to Tuesday, October 15th will require payment of only 2018's taxes. Any divisions or mergers submitted on or after Tuesday, October 15th must have both halves of 2019's taxes paid.

If your taxes are paid out of escrow, we encourage you to coordinate with your lender to ensure tax payment prior to recording.