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Document Type Fees
Deeds & Mortgages

$7 per page
$10 per non-standard document

Lis Pendens

$5 each


$5 each

Miscellaneous Liens

$5 each

Release of Lien

$5 each

Mechanics (Construction) Lien

$5 each

Notice of Right to Claim a Lien

$5 each


$25 each
plus $0.50 per lot up to 100 lots
plus $0.25 per lot over 100 lots


$25 each
plus $0.50 cents per lot

$1 will be charged for each page of a document required to be recorded with a
subdivision, townsite plat, or certificate of survey.
Financing Statements (New Filing)

$7 each

Amendment to Financing Statements

$5 each

Assignment of Financing Statements

$5 each

Continuation of Financing Statements

$5 each

Partial Release of Financing Statements

$5 each

Termination of Financing Statements

$0 each

Certified Birth Certificates

$5 each

Certified Death Certificates

$3 each


$0.50 for the first page
$0.25 for each additional page of the same document


$2 each

Please make checks payable to Clerk and Recorder