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The Recording Division of the Clerk and Treasurer maintains many of the public records for Missoula County. Our online system allows you to search the public record back to 1982 and retrieve documents back to 2001. We offer three ways to search the public record. The first is a textual search of most public records recorded with our office, which includes certain public contracts, proceedings of Missoula County government, real estate records (excluding surveys and plats) and certain financing statements. The second is a map based search that allows you to visually retrieve real estate records by an aerial map. The third is a textual search of all plats and certificates of surveys recorded in our office; these are separately indexed because they typically relate to multiple parcels of property and were historically required to be indexed separately. None of the systems are completely reliable, and none of the systems should be utilized as a substitute for a title search performed by a qualified attorney or title insurance service. These records are provided for convenience of research only.Additionally, the text-based records search is much more reliable and accurate than the visual based search. The plats and certificates of surveys search is the most complete and reliable of the three, but has limited applicability and scope.

Records Search Notice: Results and information generated from searches conducted throughout this system are for reference only. Reliance should not be placed on the comprehensiveness and accuracy of this information without first consulting original records in order to verify the accuracy of information displayed on report pages. If you encounter public records in your search results that are not currently viewable, please try to view it at a later time. You can also note the book & page numbers of the page you’re seeking and contact our Clerk and Treasurer Department.

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