The Treasurer division of the Missoula County Clerk and Treasurer primarily works to bill and collect property taxes. 

The four types of property taxes billed and collected by our office are:

  1. Real property taxes
  2. Personal property taxes for business equipment
  3. Centrally assessed property taxes
  4. Mobile home property taxes

Although we are the office responsible for billing and collecting property taxes, our office does not calculate mill levies, set taxes or produce the information that actually appears on your tax bills.  Our role is limited to taking the billing information provided by the Missoula County Finance Department and the Montana Department of Revenue and producing and mailing tax bills.  We then collect tax payments through the mail, in our office and online.  If there is an error in your tax bill (ex. wrong billing address or the property description is inaccurate), we can assist you in finding the correct department to address the error, but we do not directly correct such errors in our office.  Ultimately, we strive to be a customer friendly liaison to other government agencies and departments that have a more direct role in the assessment and levying of property taxes.