Delinquent Mobile Home Taxes

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Delinquent Mobile Home Auction Information:

April 11, 2018

Time - Registration 8-9am (Required), Auction Starts Promptly at 9:00am

No Late Registration Allowed

Location - 200 W Broadway St., Missoula, MT  59802 Annex Room 151

When applicable a publication of all Mobile Homes subject to auction will be available here:


Taxes become delinquent on the day after the listed due date on your tax bill. Delinquent taxes incur a penalty of 2 percent of the delinquent amount and incur interest continually at the annualized rate of 10 percent. Missoula County has the authority to collect delinquent taxes in a number of ways, including through a Writ of Execution, certain types of liens and through public auction for personal property.

Each April, Missoula County holds a public auction to collect delinquent personal property taxes. Taxpayers are mailed a Bill, a Courtesy Delinquent Notice and finally a Notice of Treasurers' Sale prior to the auction. We strongly encourage taxpayers to make every effort to pay their taxes to avoid the harsh results that can come from delinquent collection procedures.

  •  This auction is to satisfy the debt owed Missoula County for delinquent taxes.  Please be advised that Missoula County can guarantee nothing.  This auction is for the mobile home described only.  Any real estate, out buildings and contents of the home are not included in the sale of this home.
  • Sale of the property is in “as is” condition and Missoula County makes no warranty as to the condition of the personal property or the property’s compliance with any law or regulation. Purchaser understands and agrees that purchaser is responsible for obtaining any applicable permits and meeting zoning regulations.
  • It is the full responsibility of the purchaser to go through the eviction process if necessary and make any arrangements with the land owner.
  • The bidding will start at the delinquent tax amount plus accrued fees.  The minimum increasing bid will be in ten dollar increments.
  • The highest bidder must pay immediately.   This is a cash / credit card / debit card only auction.
  • Visa or MasterCard/ debit or credit will be accepted.  If paying by credit/debit card, please note a $1.25 plus 1.995% processing fee will be added to your total transaction.
  • Pre-Registration is between 8-9am and is required to participate. To pre-register you will need to have a picture id.  If you are not pre-registered you will not be able to bid at the auction.


Q- What if the home has a lien holder?

A- All Lien holders have been notified before the auction by certified mail and if they fail to pay the delinquent taxes to protect their interest then they surrender their interest.  So all homes sold at auction will have a clear title.

Q- Will I have to move the mobile home?

A- It is the responsibility of the purchaser to make arrangements with the property owner to find out if the home can stay on the lot or if it has to be moved.

Q- What happens if the mobile home does not sell at the auction?

A- The home will go back into the auction the next year.

Q- In what order will the homes be auctioned?

A- They will be auctioned by the numerical tax id number which is the same order they were published.

Q- Can I buy a home for someone else?

A- The purchaser must be present with picture ID.

Q- What if I come after the auction has started and I am not registered?

A- You will not be able to bid at the auction.