Temporary Safe Outdoor Space (TSOS)

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Missoula Temporary Safe Outdoor Space: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TSOS?
Where is it?
What services will the TSOS provide?
Why is this necessary?
How does this differ from the encampments on Reserve Street and elsewhere?
What are the requirements for staying in the TSOS?
Who is managing the TSOS?
How is the TSOS funded?
What is Missoula County’s role in TSOS?
How does zoning work on this parcel that is being used for TSOS?
What’s the difference between this Temporary Safe Outdoor Space, the Reserve Street encampment and the Johnson Street emergency winter shelter?
Was there a public comment period on this?
Why not use the Sleepy Inn?
What is being done to make sure this is a temporary solution?
Is the property owner being paid for use of the land?
How will this affect property owners near the TSOS, and what will be done to mitigate those impacts?
What does the security look like around the TSOS?
Will there be environmental/watershed impacts from this, and what will be done to mitigate those impacts?
Are there opportunities to volunteer or donate?
Can I drop donations off at the site?
Who should I contact with comments or questions about this?