Election Judge Qualifications & Duties

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Am I Qualified?

If you are 18 years or older and registered to vote in Missoula County you are qualified.

Election judges are required to make a two year commitment and attend biennial training, so enthusiasm for democracy is a must!


What is my job?

Election judges are champions of the election process.  They play a crucial role in ensuring the strength and integrity of the voting process and uphold election law.  Judges make certain every person qualified to vote is permitted to vote and that every person permitted to vote is qualified to vote.

Election judges are compensated for their time both on Election Day and for training.


Requirements of an Election Judge

  • Registered to vote in the county they are working
  • Setup of the polling place
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Operate voting equipment
  • Ensure all qualified voters are permitted to vote
  • Distribute ballots to voters
  • Assist all voters
  • Close down the polling place following voting
  • Attend annual training

Various Positions that Apply to Election Day:

  • Election Judges
  • Poll Book Judges
  • Polling Place Managers
  • Parking Attendants
  • Elections Center Judges (Fairgrounds)
  • Drive thru Election Judges
  • Delivery Personnel
  • Counting Center Election Judges (Fairgrounds)
  • Ballot Judges
  • M100 Scanner Judges
  • Post-Election Audit Judges
  • Recount Judges
  • Absentee Team Judges
  • Provisional Judges