Voter-Approved Bonds and Levies

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From passing a measure to build the Missoula County Detention Facility in 1996 to approving construction of the Missoula City-County Library in 2016, Missoula County voters define community values and priorities by supporting ballot measures for various levies and bonds. While some projects are joint city-county efforts, Missoula County manages the voter-directed funds, and the tax assessments are listed on tax bills as taxes paid to the county. Commissioners do not set the amount that will fund voter-approved bonds and levies, as the amounts are limited by the ballot language voters approved. For a home in Missoula County valued at $250,000, voter-approved levies and bonds add $136.89 to your tax bill for fiscal year 2019. The chart below breaks down what services are supported with voter-approved dollars.

Voter Approved (002)




Note: Voter-approved bonds and levies represent only a portion of a property owner’s total tax bill. Because taxpayers in Missoula County live in many different taxing jurisdictions and districts, the relative percentage of bond and levy taxes varies based on a particular property owner’s circumstances. Go to to view a personalized breakdown of taxes for a particular property. 

Levies vs. bonds: What's the difference? 

Levies differ from bonds because levies create ongoing annual funding to support programs through the levy expiration date. Bonds are used to pay for large projects that would not be possible without spreading the expense over several years. Bonds are sold to investors, and the money raised from the sale funds the project. Debt service payments are made over the years until the bond maturity date.

Detailed bond and levy information