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GIS Division Maps

Many maps are available in print and pdf format. A library of maps can be found here.  Please contact us for more information. The cost of printed and/or custom maps is dependent upon the fee schedule.

The Property Information System is an online resource that can be used to view most of Missoula County's GIS data. Learn more.


Community and Planning Services (CAPS) Resources

Visit to view maps for zoning, development and growth policy.


Recorded Surveys

Download subdivisions, certificates of survey, and deed exhibits in PDF format. Search by Public Land Survey System (PLSS) township, range, and section; name; number; owner; work order; or recorded book and page. Not all search options apply to each type of survey.

This page also provides the search capabilities to find corner recordation forms, street intersections, rights of way, active road names, other recorded documents by book and page, as well as work order numbers from Public Works.

Several PDF reports are also available.


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