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Missoula County Employee Benefits
Virtual Benefits Fair
May 2020

County insurance benefits are available to regular employees working 20+ hours per week.

For questions, contact Human Resources at (406) 258-4874 or or Employee Benefits at (406) 258-4876 or

DURING OPEN ENROLLMENT YOU ONLY NEED TO COMPLETE A FORM IF YOU ARE MAKING CHANGES TO YOUR BENEFITS.  Changes include things such as adding a dependent to your insurance or adding a benefit.  If you want your benefits to remain the same you don't have to complete a form.  

Forms can be returned to HR in three ways:
Electronically to If you send a form from an email that isn’t your county issued email, please expect a follow- up phone call to verify you wanted to make the change.

Inter- departmental Mail

Mail forms to Missoula County Human Resources, 200 W. Broadway, Missoula, MT. 59802. Forms need to be postmarked by May 31st so please take this into consideration if mailing the forms.

OPEN ENROLLMENT- Forms are due no later than May 31, 2020

 HEALTH, DENTAL, & OPTICAL INSURANCE ~ Annual Late Enrollment Period (enroll by May 31). Effective date for coverage is July 1 unless you have a qualifying event.

 Dental Late Enrollee: Enrollment penalties may apply. If a person is a late enrollee, the maximum benefit is $250 per person for the first 12 months of coverage and $500 per person for the 13th through 24th month of coverage. After 24 months, the maximum payable per benefit year is $1,200 per person. The orthodontia benefit is also subject to the above-stated late enrollment limits*
* This language can be found on page 47 of the Missoula County Employee Benefits Plan Booklet.

Optical requires full 12-month premium commitment. For optical coverage please fill out Benefit Enrollment/Change form and Vision Enrollment form.

Coverage choices for Health, Dental, Optical Insurance are: employee only, family, employee & child(ren), employee & spouse (or domestic partner)

Benefit Plan Booklet
Benefit Enrollment/Change form
Vision Enrollment form
Rate Sheet

UNUM LONG-TERM CARE ~ May require proof of insurability ~ Enroll anytime

Basic benefits for Long-Term Care are provided by the County. Extended benefits are available for purchase. Premiums are based on the employee’s age and (for disability) rate of pay.

           LTC Information and Enrollment Form


Short- term Disability ~ Enroll now without medical questions. Pre-Existing exclusions apply.
Critical Illness ~ Enroll now without medical questions. Pre-Existing exclusions apply.
Health Screening Benefit ~ 75.00 cash benefit per year for having Health Screening Exams

Short- Term Disability Information Sheet
Short- Term Disability Enrollment Form 
Critical Illness Information Sheet
Critical Illness Enrollment Form
Health Screening
Why Disability Insurance?

MUTUAL OF OMAHA LONG-TERM DISABILITY ~ Extended benefits can be elected once without medical questions.  Basic benefits for Long-Term Disability are provided by the County. Extended benefits are available for purchase. Premiums are based on the employee’s age and rate of pay. Pre-Existing exclusions apply.

Long- Term Disability Information Sheet  
Long- Term Disability Enrollment Form 

MUTUAL OF OMAHA LIFE INSURANCE  ~ Proof of insurability may be required.  Why Life Insurance?

Basic $20,000 term insurance paid by the County.  Term Life Insurance Information Sheet

Extended Supplemental benefits available for purchase.

Employees ~ who have already purchased supplemental life insurance when first eligible may increase $10,000 or $20,000 without Medical Questions – up to the lesser of 5 times salary or $150,000. Those already approved for Voluntary Life Insurance by Mutual of Omaha having previously filled out an Evidence of Insurability form (medical questionnaire) may also increase $10,000 or $20,000 provided they are under 5 times salary or the Plan Overall Maximum of $500,000. Employees who waived coverage when first eligible may enroll with the Evidence of Insurability form.

Spouse ~ Employees who want to enroll their spouse now may do so with Evidence of Insurability form (medical questionnaire) for the Spouse.

Supplemental Life Insurance Information Sheet
Life Insurance Enrollment Form
Beneficiary Designation Form 
Evidence of Insurability Form

MUTUAL OF OMAHA ACCIDENT COVERAGE- You can enroll in the County’s Accident plan offered through Mutual of Omaha. No pre-existing conditions or medical questions at time of enrollment.

Accident Insurance Information Sheet
Accident Insurance Enrollment Form


If you would like to cancel any of your Mutual of Omaha benefits, please fill out this Cancellation form.  Once completed please return to Human Resources.  

The following benefits can be enrolled in at any time or don’t require enrollment:

Have Questions or need more information about your retirement with the Public Employee or Sheriff’s Retirement System? Check out the Montana Public Employee Retirement Administrator website for all the information you need.

Website: Montana Public Employees Retirement Administration (MPERA)
MPERA Education Calendar:
PERS Defined Benefit Retirement Plan:
PERS Defined Contribution Retirement Plan:
Sheriff Retirement System:
Toll- Free Phone # 877- 275- 7372

SAPPHIRE RESOURCE CONNECTION - Employee Assistance Program (EAP) ~ No enrollment
The EAP benefit offers free, confidential counseling to employees and members of their household.

Sapphire Website:
Description of Benefits
Provider List

Deferred Compensation (457 Plan) VALIC & NATIONWIDE ~ Enroll Anytime
Supplemental retirement programs allow employees to defer pre-tax dollars to a supplemental retirement plan with a variety of investment options. Both pre-tax and post-tax (ROTH 457) options are available. There is no County match for funds deferred. Payroll Deduction Authorization Form(this form authorizes Missoula County to do a payroll deduction.  Valic & Nationwide might have other paperwork you need to fill out).

VALIC 457 Deferred Compensation Plans Website
Contact Steve Jarvis: (406) 523-3378 or

Nationwide 457 Deferred Compensation Plans Website:
Contact Dave Miller (208) 755- 8238 or by email

Sign up to get your prescription medications through direct mail service. Prescriptions received through direct mail service are not subject to insurance deductible. Information Sheet

Sign up to get your prescription medications through direct mail service. Prescriptions received through direct mail service are not subject to insurance deductible. Information Sheet

Various legal benefits and identity theft restoration options are available for purchase by employees – pay by payroll deduction.

Legal Shield Website:
Contact Rick Halmes: (406) 373-0947 or
Flyer & Quick Start Guide

AFLAC – Supplemental Insurance Options  ~ Enroll anytime 
Various supplemental insurance options are available for purchase by employees; pay by payroll deduction.

 Aflac Website:
Contact Ashleigh George: (406) 672- 7100 Cell/(307) 752- 4568 or

 NACo Prescription Discount Card- INFORMATION
To obtain a free prescription discount card, go to enroll in the program and print your discount card. It’s simple, free and can save you, on average, 29% on prescriptions. Most pharmacies in Missoula County participate (a complete list is available on the website). Save on prescriptions for you and your pets.

Does HR have your most current home address or phone number?

If you need to update your personal information you can do so by filling out the Information Update form or on Employee Self-Serve (ESS). 

Information Update Form

Instructions for Employee Self-Serve