Risk & Benefits - Contact Information

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Missoula County Benefits Office

Benefits Phone: (406) 523-4876
Risk Phone: (406) 258-3488
Safety Phone: (406) 258-3484
Work Comp Phone: (406) 258-3272
Fax: (406) 523-4731
Email: benefits@missoulacounty.us
Address: 223 W. Alder St.
Missoula, MT 59802-4292

Erica Grinde, Risk Manager

Phone: (406) 258-4873 
Email: egrinde@missoulacounty.us


Pattijo Sherwood, Workers' Comp Coordinator

Phone: (406) 258-3272
Email: psherwood@missoulacounty.us

Kim Adamo, Safety and Training Coordinator

Phone: (406) 258-3484
Email: kadamo@missoulacounty.us


Rebecca Miller, Benefits Administrator

Phone: (406) 258-3416  Email: rmiller@missoulacounty.us

Stephanie Lalum, Senior Benefits Analyst

Amanda Friesz, Senior Benefits Analyst, Workers' Comp Claim Adjuster

Roselynn Bowman, Benefits Analyst

Email: rbowman@missoulacounty.us

Savannah Cathey, Benefits Analyst

Email: scathey@missoulacounty.us