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Welcome to our home school Information page. In the following sections you will find information about home schooling in Montana, including any special requirements or other items such as our downloadable registration form. Please begin by reading the "Letter to Parents" from the County Superintendent found below.

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Missoula County Enrollment Forms

To aid you with your annual notification, please view and print out the following:

2020-21 Notification Form

Attendance form

Additional Information:

Child Care Grant information:

In-home care grant flyer (pdf)

School-aged children grant flyer (pdf)

Please return your completed form to 410 West Spruce, Missoula, MT 59802.

General Information for Home Schools

Homeschooling Law in  Montana.

Montana Coalition of Home Educators.

Visit the web site for the Montana Coalition of Home Educators.

        Click here for the newest Montana Coalition's "Montana Guide to Home Education."

Missoula County Private Schools

List of private schools and enrollment in Missoula, click here.