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Please share this letter from our County Attorney to your employees on how to protect your business from fraudulent checks.


Form A

Send a written five (5) day notice (FORM A) by certified mail, restricted delivery or return receipt to the check writer to establish evidence of the writer's intent to defraud you.


Form B

If restitution is not received by you within the five (5) days, complete FORM B and send the completed FORM B with proof of certified mailing, bad check(s), pictures/surveillance videos of the incident (if applicable) and any other pertinent information to our office. Our office will attempt to collect restitution from the check writer by mailing him/her a 10 day demand letter. After 10 business days with no response, a summons or warrant is issued for the check-writers arrest based on your complaint (felony, misdemeanor or felony by common scheme).

The County Attorney’s office will not pursue checks under $50.00, however we encourage you to follow the above steps and still submit the bad check. If multiple people/businesses submit checks and they are over the $50.00, our office will attempt to pursue charges.