Civil Division

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Civil Division

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The Civil Division is responsible for providing legal advice to the County Commissioners, all county departments and to many sub-jurisdictions (such as school, fire, conservation, and weed districts) within Missoula County. In that regard, the division does a substantial amount of work on public health and land use issues for both the county Health Department and the Community & Planning Services.

In addition, the division represents the State of Montana in all proceedings in Missoula County involving enforcement of state laws covering Child Abuse or Neglect and Involuntary Commitments due to mental illness. Finally, the division performs the County Attorney's duties as Public Administrator of the estates of persons who die without any heirs.

NOTE: The County Attorney's Office no longer handles Child Support Collection. For child support matters, contact the Missoula area Child Support Enforcement Office at 329-7910 or the State of Montana Child Support Enforcement Division.