Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the County Attorney's Office give me legal advice?

No, the County Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecuting crimes and representing the interests of the County as a whole and cannot offer legal advice or opinions to citizens.  

How do I file a criminal charge against someone?

All criminal cases in the Missoula County Attorney's Office are referred through law enforcement.  If you feel you are the victim of a criminal action please contact law enforcement.

  • If the incident happened within city limits, contact the Missoula City Police Department at (406) 523-4777.
  • If the incident happened in Missoula County but outside city limits, call the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department at (406) 258-4810. 

A detective will be assigned to investigate your case and determine recommended charges then refer it to be prosecuted.  If your case has not been referred for prosecution and you have questions and/or additional information regarding the case, you are to follow up with the assigned detective.

What should I do if I am concerned about the welfare of a child? 

Call 1 (866) 820-5437.  The call is free.  Don’t wait until you are sure a child is being abused, your concerns are enough.  Your call may make the difference in a child’s life.

I am being mistreated at home but I don’t want to press charges against my partner.  What should I do?

You are encouraged to call 911.  If you aren’t ready to do that, a confidential alternative is to contact the YWCA.  

  • Online: Missoula YWCA web-page
  • By phone: (406) 543-6691 (office), (406) 542-1944 (crisis line) or (800) 483-7858 (crisis line)
  • By email:
  • Physical address: 1130 W. Broadway, Missoula, MT 59802

You may also contact the Crime Victims Advocate (CVA) at (406) 258-3830.

If someone I know has been arrested, when will they be seen by a Judge?

Contact Justice Court at (406) 258-3470 and ask when inmates will be seen by the Judge. You can also check the jail roster

Does your office collect on bad checks?

Please contact law enforcement directly to make a report.

Where do I go regarding a lien?

 Missoula County Clerk and Recorder's Office

What is the address and phone number to the Public Defenders Office?

Located: 610 Woody St., Missoula, MT 59802          Phone: (406) 523-5140

What is the phone number to the City Attorney's Office?

(406) 552-6020 

What is the phone number to the Better Business Bureau?

Montana Consumer Protection Office: (406) 444-4500 or visit their website at

What is the Attorney General's contact information?

(406) 444-2026 or visit their webpage at

What is the local number for the Montana State Bar Association?

  (406) 442-7660

What is the contact information for Adult Probation & Parole?

Located: 1801 Stephens Ave., Missoula, MT 59801          Phone: (406) 542-7120


What is the contact information for Youth Court?

 Located: 311 Woody St., Missoula, MT 59802        Phone: (406) 258-4735

When a Juvenile is taken into custody, when will they be seen by a Judge?

They will have a Detention Hearing in District Court either the same day or the following business day. 

Who do I contact to get information on a Juvenile case?

You can call Youth Court at (406) 258-4735 or you can view public records at the Clerk of District Court Office which is located in the Courthouse.

Order of Protection

How do I apply for an Order of Protection?

Call the Crime Victim Advocate (CVA) at (406) 258-3830. They will get you the paperwork for the appropriate court and help answer any questions you may have.



Where can I get information for landlord/tenant issues?

Missoula County Justice Court or by phone (406) 258-3470 - Generic sample forms
Montana Department of Justice
ASUM Renter Center