Meet Your County Attorney

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Kirsten H. Pabst, the Missoula County Attorney, is the chief elected prosecutor, representing the State of Montana in criminal prosecutions and serving as the legal advisor for all county officials within Missoula County. 

Kirsten started as a prosecutor in 1994, as a legal intern under Dusty Deschamps, now a District Court Judge. She successfully prosecuted many difficult child physical and sexual abuse cases and obtained convictions in several homicide and vehicular homicide cases. Kirsten taught trial practice at the law school for many years and was a frequent faculty instructor for the National District Attorney’s Association and the Montana County Attorneys Association. Kirsten grew up in Havre, Montana, and graduated from the University of Great Falls and the University of Montana School of Law. She enjoys climbing mountains, riding horses, making art and spending time with her family.

As the Missoula County Attorney, Kirsten oversees 21 attorneys who are responsible for criminal prosecutions, youth court proceedings, special victims unit cases, child protection cases, involuntary commitments, guardianships, junk vehicles, community decay and others. Additionally, the County Attorney’s Office serves as legal advisor to the Board of County Commissioners, the Health Department, Community and Planning Services and all other county departments.