Requesting Confidential Criminal Justice Information

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As reflected in the MCA 44-5-103, Confidential Criminal Justice Information means:

     (a) criminal investigative information;
     (b) criminal intelligence information;
     (c) fingerprints and photographs;
     (d) criminal justice information or records made confidential by law; and
     (e) any other criminal justice information not clearly defined as public criminal justice information.
     (4) (a) "Criminal history record information" means information about individuals collected by criminal justice agencies consisting of identifiable descriptions and notations of arrests; detentions; the filing of complaints, indictments, or informations and dispositions arising from complaints, indictments, or informations; sentences; correctional status; and release. It includes identification information, such as fingerprint records or photographs, unless the information is obtained for purposes other than the administration of criminal justice.
     (b) Criminal history record information does not include:
     (i) records of traffic offenses maintained by the department of justice; or
     (ii) court records.


If you wish to request Confidential Criminal Justice Information, please click the link and fill out the application. Payment is due after the application has been approved. Our office accepts cash (we can't make change), checks, cashier checks and money orders. We are unable to accept credit/debit cards. Applications can be submitted to our office in person or mailed to:

County Attorney

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