Jail Dashboard

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This dashboard was constructed using bookings data provided by the Missoula County Detention Facility (MCDF). It depicts several key data points that are essential in understanding the jail population and help identify, analyze, solve, and manage systems issues in the criminal justice process. The data points depicted in this dashboard include the average daily jail population (ADP), a snapshot of the confined population by status for the last day of each month, average length of stay (ALOS), and a count of bookings and releases.

Reducing racial and ethnic disparities in the justice system is an important part of the CJCC’s mission. Native Americans in particular are disproportionately represented in the population at MCDF. Specifically, between November 2017 and October 2019, on average 17.2% of the non-contract/non-federal population incarcerated at MCDF identified as Native American/Alaskan Native, compared to only 4.3% of residents in Missoula County.1

Race and ethnicity are captured in two separate fields in an individual’s booking record. For the purposes of reporting, race and ethnicity are combined into a single field. Individuals identifying as Hispanic/Latino are counted solely under this ethnic category, regardless of race. Individuals for which ethnicity is unknown or identify as Non-Hispanic are counted under their respective identified racial category.

The “Other” category in this dashboard includes individuals who did not identify their race at booking or who identified as Hispanic/Latino, Black or African American, Asian, or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. Individuals for which race and/or ethnicity are inconsistent across booking records are counted under the racial and ethnic categories that constitute the majority of his or her booking history.

Currently, no reliable data is available to determine whether an individual was held on a pre-trial or sentenced status for any given day. Consequently, legal status is determined based on the disposition history of each charge associated with the booking record. Only individuals for which all charges have reached a final disposition are listed as sentenced. For example, an individual that has been sentenced in one case, had his charges dismissed in a second case, and has an ongoing trial in a third case would be classified under a pre-trial status in this dashboard. Cases for which legal status can not be determined based on disposition history are assumed to be on a pre-trial status. Based on this methodology, it is possible that the population of individuals identified as sentenced is underestimated.


Please contact the CJCC Data Analyst, Quinn Ziegler, at qziegler@missoulacounty.us if you have any questions.


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