Court Calendars

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Below are links to the current Law & Motion calendars for the five District Court Judges of the Montana Fourth Judicial District, Missoula County and to hearings for the Standing Master.  To view a calendar, simply click on the judge's name.  The page will open in a new window.  

NOTE: The hearings on this website are for on the Missoula County District Court proceedings.  Hearings are subject to change.  Final calendars for a judge's Law & Motion day will be posted by 2 p.m. the preceding day. All questions regarding the calendars should be directed to the Clerk of Court office at (406) 258-4780.   

As of March 30, 2020 all hearings/conferences will be held by Zoom Virtual Court Sessions unless:

  1. Otherwise Ordered;
  2. For Sentencings (where criminal defendant does not waive personal attendance);
  3. For other criminal matters where the Defendant will not waive personal attendance [i.e. agree to appear by audio/visual means (Zoom)];
  4. As requested by the parties for good cause showing.
 Dept. 1  Hon. Leslie Halligan  Zoom Session Info  Weekly Law & Motion  Page 1
 Dept. 2  Hon. Robert L. Deschamps, III  Zoom Session Info  Monday ICWA Court  Page 1
 Weekly Law & Motion  Page 2
 Dept. 3  Hon. John W. Larson  Zoom Session Info  Weekly Law & Motion  Page 1
 Dept. 4
 Hon. Jason Marks  Zoom Session Info  Monday Arraignment Court  Page 1
 Weekly Law & Motion  Page 2
 Off Day Hearings  Page 3
 Dept. 5  Hon. Shane A. Vannatta  Zoom Session Info  Weekly Law & Motion  Page 1
 Standing Master Amy Rubin  Zoom Session Info  (Depends on Courtroom)