Packet D - Response to Dissolution without Children

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The following forms are available in either Microsoft Word or Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). The default format will be in Portable Document Format so it you want the Word format you will have to click on the Microsoft Word icon in the far right column.

The Microsoft Word documents can be saved to your hard drive and can allow you to fill out the questions on your computer rather than printing it out and handwriting all your information.

The Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is available in a fillable format allowing you to fill in your information directly into the PDF.

Please read the documents in the first table because these will help you throughout the process and will help keep your documents organized.


 Description  PDF   WORD 
 What to Expect - An Overview of Divorce and Custody in Montana   PDF_Photo  Word_Photo
 Introduction to Family Law - A Brief Introduction into Family Law in Montana  PDF_Photo  Word_Photo
 Download the Entire Packet D in Portable Document Format (PDF)  PDF_Photo  --


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 Forms  Description   PDF   WORD 
 Worksheet  A Check-Off Sheet to Help Keep You Organized  PDF_Photo  Word_Photo
 Instructions  Detailed Instructions to Help You Through the Process  PDF_Photo  Word_Photo
 Sensitive Data Form  For Confidential Information  PDF_Photo  Word_Photo
 Form 54  Affidavit of Inability to Pay  PDF_Photo  Word_Photo
 Form 55  Response to Petition for Dissolution (Without Children)  PDF_Photo  Word_Photo
 Form 56a  Respondent's Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure  PDF_Photo  Word_Photo
 Form 56b  Respondent's Notice of Service of Preliminary Declaration  PDF_Photo  Word_Photo
 Form 57a  Marital and Property Settlement Agreement  PDF_Photo  Word_Photo
 Form 57b  Status Report to the Court    Word_Photo
 Form 58a  Respondent's Final Declaration of Disclosure  PDF_Photo  Word_Photo
 Form 58b  Respondent's Notice of Serving Final Declaration of Disclosure Statement  PDF_Photo  Word_Photo
 Form 59  Consent to Entry of Final Decree  PDF_Photo  Word_Photo


Documents are not legal advice. These documents are adaptations of the documents distrubuted by the Montana Supreme Court Commission on Self-Represented Litigants and have been approved by the Judges of the 4th Judicial District. These documents do not constitute legal advice, and no information contained in these  documents can be relied upon to replace the advice of competent legal counsel licensed to practice in Montana.

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