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Fee Schedule

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The following is a chart of fees charged for services rendered, effective July 1, 2013:



Adoption - Filing Petition $105
Amendment of Parenting Plan - Contested only (does not apply to cases dealing solely w/child support) $120
Appeal from District Court to Supreme Court - Postage costs are additional $5
Appeal from Lower Court - Does not apply to small claims cases $30
Appeal from Lower Court - Small Claims $10
Appearance - For the appearance of each defendant or each respondent $70
Authentication/Exemplification - For authenticated or exemplified copies for out-of-state jurisdictions $4
Certification - For certification with a seal $2
Civil Commencement of Action - By plaintiff, petitioner or appellant (includes Invalidity) $120
Conservatorship Commencement of Action - For filing petition $100
Copy of Decree of Dissolution - For each copy of a decree (separately filed parenting plans or property settlement agreements not included) (does not include certification) $10
Copy of Marriage License - For each copy of marriage license (does not include certification) $5
Copy of Other Documents (Hard Copy) - $1 per page for first ten pages and $.50 per page thereafter --
Copy of Other Documents Provided by Fax, Email or other electronic means $.25/page
Declaration of Marriage - For filing and recording the declaration $53
Dissolution of Marriage Commencement of Action - For filing Petition (include Summary and Joint Dissolution) $200
Email Filings / Fax Filings (Incoming - cost to file a pleading by email or fax) $.50/page
Execution - For issuance $5
Foreign Capital Depository Judgment - For filing the judgment $2,500
Foreign Judgment - For filing authenticated copy and docketing $90
Foreign Probate - With certificate $85
Guardianship Commencement of Action - For filing petition $100
Intervention Complaint - For filing a complaint in intervention $80
Judgment - For entry of judgment from prevailing party $45
Legal Separation Commencement of Action - For filing petition $180
Marriage License issuance - For issuing, filing and recording marriage $53
Notarization/Oath and Jurat - For each Notarization with Court Seal $1
Order of Sale - For issuance $5
Probate Commencement of Action - For filing formal/informal or ancillary petition $100
Searches - $2 per name per year up to 7 years, $1 per name thereafter (no maximum charge limit) --
Substitution of Judge - For each motion filed  $100

Transcript/Abstract of Judgment - For preparation of a Transcript of Judgment

For filing a Transcript of Judgment from another jurisdiction


Transmission of Record or Files or Transfer of a Case to Another Court - (Includes removals to Federal District Court and forwarding appeals to Supreme Court) $5
Venue Change - for filing from another District Court (incoming)
-- and for sending file to another jurisdiction (outgoing)
Writ of Assistance - For issuance $5