Annual Notice

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Annual Notice Information

You have been selected for Missoula County District Court jury service for the 2020 jury term.  The jury term begins September 1, 2020 and ends August 31, 2021.  

The law provides that all citizens 18 years of age or older, who are residents for at least 30 days of the state and of the city, town or county in which they are called for jury service, and who are citizens of the United States are eligible for jury service.  Jurors are selected from a combined list of active registered voters, licensed drivers or holders of Montana ID cards. 

Montana law requires that you respond to the notice. You may do so by completing the Questionnaire as to Qualification for Jury Service .   TIPS:

  1. Your Juror Number is located on the post card directly above your name and address.
  2. We recommend using Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader. You can download a free version of Adobe Reader here
  3. Chrome Users - we recommend you first save as a PDF, then complete and save again before emailing.
  4. Mac users – please do not use Apple Preview
  5. Once completed please save as a PDF and email it to 

To request a hard copy of the questionnaire, please call the Clerk of Court office at (406) 258-4780. If you believe jury service would cause you undue hardship, you may complete the Affidavit for Excusal. The district judge will review your request to be excused from jury service and you will be notified of the judge’s decision.

This notice is not a summons to report for a specific date.  When you are needed to serve on a specific trial, you will be notified of the date by mail.  If, during this jury term you appear at the courthouse twice for jury selection and are not chosen or you appear and are selected as one of the jurors to serve on a case, you may request to be excused for the balance of this term.  

Many times after you have been selected for a particular case, the case settles before the time you are ordered to report.  You may check the Jury Trial Status of the trial you have been summoned to report for at any time.  We will attempt to notify you if the trial settles to avoid your having to report.