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Swan Flood Study

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Swan River 1

Missoula County is currently working with FEMA and Montana DNRC to update floodplain maps for the Swan River. The new maps are intended to provide more reliable and detailed information about flood-prone areas along the Swan River.


For more information on the open house or the draft floodplain maps, please contact Todd Klietz with Missoula County (406.258.4841) or Tiffany Lyden with MT DNRC (406.444.0599)

View the proposed floodplain changes:

Follow the links above to see the proposed floodplain changes and information.


Swan River 2

See Index Map and subsequent draft floodplain maps below. Keep in mind these maps are in draft format - FEMA will open an official 90-Day Comment and Appeal Period sometime in 2017. New Flood Insurance Rate Maps from this project are expected to be finalized in late 2017, after the technical and public review process.