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Conservation & Restoration - Current & Recent Projects for Missoula County Open Lands Program

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Our program is committed to working with private landowners, partners, and agencies to conserve natural resources and serve the unique needs of our communities. Below is a selection of current projects we are working on, and ways to get involved.

Tom Green Park Fish Habitat Improvement Project

We recently teamed up with Trout Unlimited to restore a portion of the stream bank and improve fish habitat in Tom Green Park, a natural park located in the Rattlesnake neighborhood. The West Slope Chapter of Trout Unlimited secured a grant to install a fish screen in the irrigation ditch running through the park, and upgrading the existing irrigation diversion. This will also include restoring the stream bank and creating a safer, lower impact access point to Rattlesnake Creek. Here are some pictures of the project in progress:


Installation of the fish screen south of the park which will allow fish to swim in and out of the irrigation ditch and spawn.


Upgrades to the irrigation ditch diversion which will ensure there is water in the ditch during Bull Trout spawning periods and will provide better control of the amount of water entering the ditch. 


University of Montana Ecological Restoration Program

Through the University of Montana’s Ecological Restoration Capstone course, we have worked with students to provide opportunities for them to apply their skills and knowledge to real world problems, as well as get work done in County Parks. Last year a group of students developed a prioritization plan for restoration work in County Parks, which can be used to make more targeted and strategic decisions about future projects. The students have also organized volunteer events to tackle projects, such as the weed pull in Hellgate Park, pictured below: