2006 Open Space Bond Program for Missoula County

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OpenSpaceBondProgramThe 2006 Open Space Bond provides public funding for voluntary conservation projects in Missoula County. In 2006 voters approved a $10 million dollar bond. Since then we have worked with a variety of partners and private landowners to complete projects that:

  • conserve working lands;
  • provide trails and access to rivers;
  • protect water quality and wildlife habitat; and
  • provide open space and scenic landscapes

Curious about the funding process or accomplishments of the Open Space Bond to date?

Open Lands Citizen Advisory Committee 

The Open Lands Citizen Advisory Committee (OLC) reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) about projects outside of the urban area within Missoula County. OLC bases its recommendations on project evaluation criteria established by the BCC.

Open Space Bond Project Examples

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Highlights of projects completed using open space bond funding