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The Missoula County Parks, Trails & Open Lands Program frequently partners with non-profit organizations to improve and maintain County parks and other public recreation areas. In these partnerships, the Park Board provides planning assistance and funding. In turn, the partner organization matches those funds through a combination of project expenses, in-kind donations and volunteer service hours. 

The program has $50,000 of funding to award annually for projects that provide outstanding public recreation opportunities. There is no limit on the award amount. A minimum 1:1 match is required for all cash expenses. Volunteer hours and in-kind donations of materials and services can be applied as a match against the remaining cash expenses

Matching Grant News: Now accepting applications for the 2020 cycle

The 2020 application period is open through November 1st, 2020. Application forms are available for download below if you would like to begin planning your grant project. 

Capital Project Application (Word) - for development of new facilities

Capital Project Application (PDF) - for development of new facilities

Maintenance Project Application (Word) - for maintenance of existing facilities

Maintenance Project Application (PDF) - for maintenance of existing facilities

Completed applications can be sent via email to grant administrator, John Stegmaier, at: Please contact John with any questions about your project proposal at: or 406-258-4657.

Past Grant Recipients


  • Seeley Lake Lions Club - Clearwater Lions Park - Playground equipment, benches, picnic tables, plantings
  • Veterans and Families of Seeley Lake - Veterans Memorial - site improvements, memorial plaques, sheltered kiosk, protective display
  • Travelers' Rest Connection - Travelers' Rest State Park - Construct accessible spur trail linking to the Bitterroot Trail 
  • Potomac Greenough Community Center - Potomac Greenough Community Center & Potomac Playground - Wall padding, pre-K play structure
  • Upper Linda Vista HOA - Kelsey Park - Remove volleyball court area and replace with turf
  • Seeley Lake ROCKS - Seeley Community Skating Rink - Expand/enhance skating rink, purchase lights, benches, hoses
  • Nine Mile Community Center - Nine Mile Community Center - Remove old barbed-wire fence and install new post/rail


  • Clinton School PTSA (maintenance) - Playground restoration
  • Friends of 2 Rivers - Hellgate Lions Park (maintenance) - Turf grass maintenance, replace backstops and dugout benches, safety fencing
  • Seeley Lake ROCKS - Seeley Lake Ice Rink (capital) - Expand ice rink facility and amenities 
  • National Museum of Forest Service History - museum grounds (capital) - Natural surface trails
  • Butler Creek Trail Association - Butler Creek Trail along Butler Creek Rd (capital) - Preliminary trail design and scoping


  • Seeley Lake ROCKS (capital) - Build a new open-air skating rink on the athletic fields at Seeley Lake Elementary School
  • Seeley Lake Elementary School District #34 (maintenance) - Perform maintenance on the playground and double tennis courts located in Seeley Lake Community Park
  • Bitterroot Trail Preservation Alliance (maintenance/capital) - Install wayfinding markers along the Bitterroot Trail.  Place and maintain up to three portalets.  Install benches and/or tables along Bitterroot Trail
  • Friends of 2 Rivers (maintenance/capital) - Weed and feed lawn treatments, install irrigation system for area east of the barn
  • East Missoula Lions Club (maintenance) - General park maintenance of the East Missoula Lions Park


  • Potomac School District (capital) - add wood chip material to playground fall zones, repair bleachers, add gravel to track
  • Swan Valley Museum and Heritage Site (capital) - accessible walking path around site
  • Five Valleys Land Trust (capital) - Rock Creek Confluence finishing work on an all-abilities trail; widening, grade setting, boardwalk construction, shelter and concrete pad
  • Lolo Community Center (capital) - new playground and landscaping
  • Hellgate Lions Park (maintenance) - essential park operation costs; utilities, weed spraying, playground maintenance, concrete sealing


  • Friends of Missoula - two additional pickleball courts at Fort Missoula
  • Nine Mile Community Center - install a cleanout riser to septic tank, and pump out the tank
  • Bitterroot Trail Preservation Alliance - place and service three (3) port-a-lets along the Missoula to Lolo Trail
  • East Missoula Lions Club - general park maintenance of the East Missoula Lions Park


Matching Grants awarded prior to 2017

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Past projects funded in part by Missoula County Parks and Trails Matching Grant awards.