The Missoula County Parks & Trails Advisory Board, together with the County Weed District, has developed a Partnership Weed Grant Program to mitigate invasive plants and promote desirable vegetation in County Parks. The Board is seeking neighborhood groups and individuals to develop and implement Integrated Weed Management Plans in County Parks.

To support this process, The Parks & Trails Board awards small capital grants to cover the costs of weed management including:

  • Mowing
  • Seeding
  • Herbicide and Application
  • Seeds
  • Grazing and Bio-control
  • Required tools or equipment

If you, or your homeowner’s group, are interested in working to reduce noxious weeds on your nearby county park, you may be interested in this program.

Members of Missoula Youth in Restoration working alongside neighbors in Tom Green Park to remove Houndstongue

Grant application



• Applications will be accepted any time during the year and evaluated upon receipt.
• The Missoula County Parks and Trails Board has the discretion to fund a portion,  all, or none of a proposal.
• Typically, Parks and Trails Advisory Board will fund projects costs  for herbicide, its application, and seeds. Grant  applicants are expected to contribute planning time, and donated labor for mowing, hand pulling and/or reseeding.
• All herbicide applications must be applied by a licensed and insured Commercial or Government Applicator.
• Signs notifying visitors of herbicide application must be posted at least 24 hours before and 24 hours following any application.
• The Parks and Trails Advisory Board will consider the following criteria in reviewing applications:
             o In-kind contribution for project planning
             o Severity of weed problem (State Noxious Weeds have top priority)
             o Number of infested acres
             o Number of acres to be treated
             o Benefits to the community and County
             o Demonstrated community/neighborhood support for the project

 Contact the County Parks, Trails, & Open Lands Program at (406) 258-4657 with questions or to discuss your weed management ideas.