Missoula Urban Area Open Space Plan and PROST

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2019 Missoula Urban Area Open Space Plan

 The Open Space Chapter of the PROST Plan was adopted by the City and County in 2019. 

2019 Missoula Urban Area Open Space Plan

2019 Missoula Urban Area Open Space Plan Appendices

The plan updates and replaces the 1995 and 2006 open space plans for the Missoula urban area. It addresses Missoula area residents’ current desire for a connected open space system that balances public access, natural resources, and population growth. The purpose of the plan is to help guide the city open space program and the county open lands program in the Missoula urban area, including the expenditure of public and private funds for open space conservation.


PROST Plan Overview

Missoula County Parks, Trails, and Open Lands Program, and City of Missoula Parks and Recreation Department are coordinating efforts to draft a new master Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails (PROST) plan for the greater Missoula valley and urban area ('Missoula Urban Area') that encompasses the City of Missoula and portions of the County.

This new, integrated plan will replace the 2004 Master Parks and Recreation Plan for the Greater Missoula Area, the 1995 Missoula Urban Area Open Space Plan, and the 2006 Open Space Plan update. At completion and adoption, the PROST plan will stand as a blueprint for the next 10 years of parks, open space, and recreation services to residents.

When completed, the comprehensive PROST plan will include:

  • Public involvement processes and facilitation, including timely communications with citizens and elected officials through web updates, presentations and news releases.
  • A statistically valid Citizen Survey (PDF)
  • Identification of potential inter-agency and public/private partnerships
  • Consultant services for evaluation of land, facilities, and program needs, maintenance services, park management, operations funding, as well as recreation program evaluations
  • Review of operational efficiency and program service delivery GIS Mapping

Learn more (PDF) about the PROST planning process and opportunities for public input, why plan updates are needed, and funding for the project. 

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